Rural Urban Flow at Farm Aid

The Rural Urban Flow was featured at Farm Aid's HOMEGROWN Village Saturday September 21.


Urban centers and rural communities are hopelessly divided — that’s what we hear. But over the past four years, cultural and agricultural producers in rural and urban Wisconsin have come together to tell a different story.

Rural Urban Flow is a growing network of artists, farmers, and other civic-minded folks from Milwaukee and Sauk County. We are all invested in our people, our land, and the viability of our communities.

Together we celebrate the land upon which we all depend and enact publicly what food, art and culture are uniquely qualified to do: bring people together; highlight our interconnectedness and shared humanity; and promote curiosity, regional prosperity, deeper understanding and a renewable source of pleasure. 

The Rural UrbanFlow features Earthtones, an interactive musical experience with assorted hybrid farm tool instruments created by artist Tory Tepp.


Catch Earthtones later at  Fermentation Fest in Reedsburg Oct 5,6,12,13 at City Park Marketplace

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