Download Soundscape Now: SonoTour by Hugh Livingston

The 2020 DTour has a soundscape layered onto the landscape! Download a GPS-based Sound Experience by Hugh Livingston to your iPhone or Android. Need help? Click here for instructions provided by the artist.

This composition with space, a 62-mile Sauk symphony, explores responses and contributions of human machine and human nature across a rolling landscape where stream, forest, corn, beans, and hay divide into individual movements, with cross-fertilizations, connecting tendons and textures, and even a little humor. Listen for alerts that anticipate or accompany your driving: crossing creeks, skipping schools, clanging churches, shucking corn. Weather is unpredictable; futures prices variable. There might be brews and bubbling, cheddaring of cheese, an intonation of sisters, chewing of cud, and eight maids a-milking. Download the SonoTour before you leave home, at either Trailhead (Map Stop #1 in Plain or #21 in Sauk City), or at the Food Chain (#15). The Experience does not require WiFi to work once downloaded. 


Sound collection, composition and soundscape design by Hugh Livingston (

Musical contributions from Joshua Pablo Rosenstock and the Fermentophone, Tory Tepp, Michael Bell and Eleanor Mayerfeld, Sr Christina Marie and voices from The Cistercian Nuns of Valley of Our Lady Monastery. Thanks for the gracious assistance in discovering sounds from Scott Manning at Vintage Brewing Company, Bob Wills and Scott Barker at Cedar Grove Cheese, Hausner Farms, Sarah Lloyd and Nels Nelson at Nelson Dairy Farms, Curt Meine, the Grass Cats, and John Hegner. Texts from Ben Logan, The Land Remembers and Frank Lloyd Wright, Why I Love Wisconsin.


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