Test Plot #2: Sauk County ARK Upstream

Work-in-progress on view July 17-Dec 5, 2021 Located ½ mile north of Tower Rock Farmstead Bakery – S9010 Denzer Rd. Prairie du Sac, WI 53578 GPS coordinates 43.324495, -89.900587

Commissioned for the 2020 Farm/Art DTour, Sauk County ARK is an earthwork by artist Tory Tepp in the shape of a landlocked ship. Located on a 4-acre field planted with the intermediate wheatgrass Kernza (the world’s first perennial grain crop), ARK was made with farming family William & Alma Gasser who run Tower Rock Farmstead Bakery, and Valentín Picasso, agronomist at UW-Madison.

The ARK will evolve this summer as Tory and students from Tower Rock Elementary School expand the earthwork gardens around the ARK. Together they will plant prairie grasses and native wildflowers in a fleet of recycled, derelict vessels—arranged together in a variety of poses… partially embedded in earth, upright, tilting skyward. The vessels will serve as platforms, displays and housings for various agricultural experiments as well as small earthworks and hugelkultur forms.

HugelKultur means hill culture or hill mound in German. It’s a raised garden bed that is built from the bottom up with logs, sticks and branches, wood chips, grass clippings, manure, leaves, food scraps, egg shells, coffee grounds… everything you would put into a compost heap.

Public events will evolve from this collaboration: stay tuned by signing up for our mailing list!


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