Artists Spotlight: Sheila Novak, Emilie Bouvier & Crysten Nesseth

During the DTour, this team of artists will share the story of the Driftless Region by highlighting the human and natural forces that have carved meaning into the land. You're invited to contribute your stories and pictures for the artwork by using this formSelect responses will be incorporated into blue cyanotype banners (the process is like Sun Prints) layered with marks from rural and agricultural remnants, which DTour visitors will wander through alongside the running waters of Honey Creek.

As an artist team, Sheila Novak, Emilie Bouvier, and Crysten Nesseth bring a diverse set of experiences and skills working in the public realm. Collaborating for the first time, this project will enhance each individual artist’s approach in an exciting method of engaging with landscape, space, material and community. As three visual artists from the Midwest, their studio practices collectively explore meaningful relationships to landscape and their public practices are grounded in participatory art making. Learn more about Sheila, Emilie, and Crysten

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