Artist Spotlight: Tory Tepp

We can't wait to experience the ark-shaped earthwork that Tory Tepp is creating for the 2020 DTour. Tory is collaborating with Alma & Bill Gasser of Tower Rock Farmstead Bakery to plant kernza, a perennial grain.

Tory situates his art practice at the intersection of land art, agriculture, eco-literacy and community engagement. After earning his MFA in Suzanne Lacy’s Public Practice program at Otis College of Art and Design In Los Angeles, Tory’s practice became peripatetic, beginning with his role as the armored car driver for Mel Chin’s Fundred Dollar Bill Project. Subsequently, he worked on projects across the country in urban areas such as New Orleans, Milwaukee, Los Angeles, Tampa, and Denver, as well as rural and wilderness areas such as High Sierra Wilderness, Death Valley, the high plains of Colorado, and now, rural Wisconsin. Follow him @tory_tepp. Learn more about Tory Tepp.


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