Leaving the 21st Century Plague Behind for a Few Moments

Regina Flanagan is a Licensed Landscape Architect, Writer, Researcher and Educator, Landscape Photographer and Videographer. She has written a wonderful article, Leaving the 21st Century Plague Behind for a Few Moments – Farm/Art DTour 2020. Below are a few excepts.

The Farm /Art DTour was able to proceed because the installations occur outdoors, in farm fields. Visitors were counseled to “keep one cow apart.”

Many sensations pass through our bodies. Why do some live within us forever, ready to be called up and calm us during stressful times? Like many, I have been periodically confined to my house during the coronavirus pandemic. But the last weekend in September, my husband Dan Donovan and I made a long-anticipated trip to Southern Wisconsin and the Baraboo Hills for Fermentation Fest and the Farm /Art DTour produced by the Wormfarm Institute. The trip is living in my body, sustaining me now.

The most surprising, haunting and ephemeral DTour work was The Power of Fragility by Hartmut Ringel, Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. I entered a small white-washed chapel and inside was a circle of egg-shells on the rough wood floor. The door and windows were thrown open and a strong wind blew through the building. With particularly violent puffs, the empty shells chattered and clattered against each other, speaking a mysterious language.

Read the full article on Regina’s blog: Art – Landscape – Design

The Power of Fragility by Hartmut Ringel. Photo by Regina Flanagan.


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