Join Us Online Nov. 11th Dasha Kelly Presents About That: FLOW

Join poet Dasha Kelly for About That: FLOW this Wed, Nov 11, 6-8 pm. Skylines, tree lines. Bus lines and county line roads. When did "rural" and "urban" become a "divide?" What happens to expectations and our ideas about community when we flow between rural and urban spaces? For Black, Brown and Indigenous folks, in particular, what can your rural/urban code switching teach us all about the work yet to be done? 

About That: FLOW was prompted by artworks embedded in the working lands of Sauk County during the Farm/Art DTour, some of which were created by artists from Milwaukee. Dasha Kelly Hamilton will introduce conversation "kick starters," but where the discussion goes from there depends on what you have to say ABOUT THAT. Click here to register.

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