2020 Hindsight

Max Skeleton by Christoper Lutter & Mary Plaster, 2020 Farm/Art DTour. Photo: Katrin Talbot

Season’s greetings, friends.

A skeleton kneeling on the earth may be a strange image to end the year. Or maybe it’s perfect for 2020.

In this season of giving and gratitude, we’re reflecting on the ways the knee bone really is connected to the thigh bone. The ways that decomposition is connected to new life. Health has been on our minds all year: from the pandemic to the wheels and gears of democracy, to the dairy crisis here at home that affects the economic, mental and environmental health of our community.

Through it all, we’ve been grateful for our friends and neighbors: folks who pulled together to ensure the Farm/Art DTour would go on, welcoming thousands to Sauk County who boosted local businesses and supported artists when they needed it most. We’re grateful to our colleagues who launched important, nuanced projects that speak to the diverse ecosystems and cultures of our shared place.


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