Peter Krsko 

Krsko utilizes large-scale community projects to connect participating audiences to their environment as well as cultural heritage and social sphere. The platform for his art are interactive and participatory sculptures, murals, immersive environments and performances.

His art career emerged during the post-doctoral fellowship at the National Institutes of Health, where his interests expanded into larger sculptural projects, medically-relevant communities, bioinspired art, colors and vision and the combination of science and art in order to develop unique lesson plans for young students.

Since then, Krsko has focused on the work in marginalized communities, creating art with students in the schools with limited resources, young inmates in the correctional facilities, families from the low socio-economic areas. The art projects are designed to encourage the participants to reflect on self and their community by relating the social and cultural issues to natural forms, movements and complexities. He currently lives and creates in Driftless Wisconsin.

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Artist Peter Krsko

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