For thousands of years, farmers in cultures around the world interwove dance, music, and art through rituals of planting and the harvest in celebration of the land and those who care for it. Through a contemporary approach and within this timeless context, we continue the tradition.


From an open request for proposals, the following artists have been invited to create site-responsive work in collaboration with farmers and landowners along the 2020 DTour route. 

Invasive Species.JPG

Invasive Species by Isabelle Garbani, 2014 DTour

2020 Farm/Art DTour Artists:


Charlie Brouwer (VA)

Anwar Floyd-Pruitt (WI)

Brent Houzenga (LA)

Peter Krsko (WI)

Erika Nelson (KS) 

nibiiwakamigkwe and aabaabikaawikwe (WI)

Sheila Novak (MA), Emilie Bouvier and Crysten Nesseth (MN)
Hartmut Ringel (WI)

Brian Sobaski (MN)
Tory Tepp (WI)

Mystery Spot Artists:
Laura Annis
John Himmelfarb
Brenda Baker


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