Each year farmers, landowners, local businesses, and community organizations along the DTour route create Farm Forms, our name for their creative contributions that can range from straw bale sculpture to tractor collections.


This year’s inventions include: 


  • An exhibit on the history of aprons & bib overalls by the HCE (Home and Community Education)


  • A collection of rare, antique tractors from the Chuck McFarlane Museum


  • An edifice made of straw bales in collaboration with artist Michael Griffin, Sauk County farmers and businesses — thanks to Kraemer Bros. for the heavy lifting!


  • HEALTH will be a collaboration with Sauk County Extension and Sauk Soil Water Improvement Group (SSWIG), a community of farmers and others that share a goal to improve soil and water quality with regenerative agriculture and conservation practices.

Field Billiards by Tina & Larry Wilkinson

Castle replace.JPG

Castle Reedsburg


Good Ol’ Boys with Good Ol’ Toys