Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Fermentation Fest: Grassland Edition?

This polycultural, rural revival will take place outdoors at the historic Witwen Park & Campground located about 12 miles west of Sauk City, Wisconsin. The address is S9855 County Rd E. Sauk City, WI. Witwen has been a beloved destination for social gatherings for more than a century. Click here for map

Where do I park?

Free parking is available at a vacant lot across the street, or along the side of County Rd E.

Is it free to get in or do I need tickets?

Fermentation Fest is free to attend and there are plenty of free activities planned. Space is limited for special events, like fermentation tastings and tabernacle concerts, so those do require tickets. You can purchase tickets in advance through Eventbrite or, if available, during the festival at the Welcome Tent.

Where should I start?

Feel free to stop by the Welcome Tent when you arrive to pick up a schedule, and any tickets you purchased through Eventbrite.

Where do we eat?

Stop by the Food Chain for ready-to-eat tacos & tamales, fermented veggies, coffee, hot sauce, and more. For drinks, head over to the Beer & Cider Tent for delicious, classic brews as well as experimental, fermented beverages from local vendors.
Click here for a list of vendors.

I’m traveling from out of town. Do you have travel recommendations?

There are several inns, B&B’s, motels and camping grounds in the area. Click here to see some of our favorite places to explore. Be sure to check the forecast and be prepared for weather.

What precautions are being taken for Covid-19? Do I need a mask?

We will remind Fest attendees to “keep one cow apart” and ask that you wear a mask in indoor areas (like the Tabernacle), and where you closely interact with Fest staff and collaborators (like the Food Chain). Please bring your own mask, but know that extra masks, hand sanitizer and hand washing stations will be available on site. We continue to monitor the latest CDC and Sauk County Health Department updates.

What’s your policy on ticket refunds?

If you need to make changes to your reservations, please email by Friday, Sept 24.

I’m not comfortable traveling this year. Are there virtual ways to enjoy Fermentation Fest?

We get it and know everyone’s comfort level is different. Enjoy photos and videos from this year’s Ferm Fest on Instagram at @fermentationfest and #fermfest. Subscribe to our e-newsletter below to stay up-to-date on future events and programs by the Wormfarm Institute.

Are there fermentation classes this year?

While we’re not able to offer our full roster of classes, there are 4 fermentation workshops and tastings for you to enjoy. Space is limited. Get your tickets through Eventbrite today.

Is there seating?

Picnic benches and other seating are placed throughout the site. There are pews in the Tabernacle for concerts and chairs in the "Shop" for fermentation demos & zine-making. But feel free to bring a lawn chair!

Are there bathrooms?

There are port-a-potties, including a handicap port-a-potty, and handwashing stations on site.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes, but please keep them on a leash at all times, and pick up after them to keep the park clean.

Remember to take photos and share them with your friends! Tag us on Instagram @fermentationfest #FermFest.

If you still have questions, please feel free to send us a message.