Frequently Asked Questions

What is the DTour and where is it?

The Farm/Art DTour (Sept 26-Oct 4) is the main event of Fermentation Fest, a nine-day annual live culture convergence, hosted by Wormfarm Institute. The DTour is a free, self-guided agri/cultural excursion through the working farmlands of southern Sauk County, WI. Because folks go at their own pace, the event has social distancing built in. Most drive, but it’s also a great challenge for the experienced cyclist. Along the route, you’ll experience site-responsive artworks, roadside poetry, local food markets, sound installations, and more. Note: This year the DTour moves to a new route (shaped like a sideways figure-8) with trailheads in Plain and Sauk City, WI. We recommend heading northeast out of Plain OR heading northwest out of Sauk City and following the figure-8 shape. So you’ll travel the middle leg twice.
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Where should I start?

We would suggest starting at the Plain Trailhead, at the Kraemer Library & Community Center (Stop #1). But there is also a Sauk City Trailhead at the Sauk Prairie Chamber of Commerce (Map Stop #21). Both Trailheads have DTour Maps, Guides, cycling cue sheets, and other info. All of these materials are free!

I’m traveling from out of town. Do you have travel recommendations? What should I bring?

Check our Visitors Guide for nearby places to stay and eat (including places with outdoor decks and patios). In addition to a variety of inns, B&B’s, and motels, there are plenty of campgrounds. Please bring a mask. You may also want to bring your own hand sanitizer. Businesses along the DTour have been affected by Covid-19 and some may be closed or have long waits. Bring snacks with you. Be prepared for any kind of weather.

How long will the DTour take?

If you do it right and take your time, expect to spend 4-6 hours. If you prefer to spread it over two days, do the Plain loop one day and the Sauk Prairie loop another.

Will there be pasture performances or fermentation classes this year?

Fermentation classes weren’t possible this year, but keep an eye on Fermentation Fest’s Facebook page and Instagram for pop-up performances and outdoor events. You never know when you might find a group of kite-fliers or musicians around the next bend. If you find yourself in an audience, no matter how small, please keep “one cow apart” from your neighbors and feel free to wear a mask.

What else should I expect?

Signs reminding visitors to “Keep One Cow Apart” will be stationed at both Trailheads, the Food Chain, and other key Map Stops. We’re renting extra hand-washing stations / services for the Food Chain (Stop #15) and encouraging folks to wear a mask when needed. In accordance with Sauk County Health Department guidelines, we’re also directing foot traffic flow at the Food Chain and limiting the number of visitors allowed in at any given time. Landowners hosting artworks, vendors, collaborators, and artists have all been incredibly generous, collaborative, and diligent this year. We ask that you extend that same spirit of goodwill to your fellow DTourists, knowing that everyone’s situation is different.

Where is the food?

Be sure and stop by the Food Chain at stop #15.

I’m not comfortable traveling this year. Are there virtual ways to enjoy the DTour?

We get it and know everyone’s comfort level is different. Enjoy photos and videos from the DTour on Instagram at @fermentationfest #fermfest. You can also sign up for our e-newsletter (Scroll down to the mailchimp plug-in).

What is the Wormfarm Institute? Does it really grow worms?

This is our most common question! Formed in 2000 with an artist residency program, Wormfarm Institute is a not-for-profit organization that explores the links between urban and rural communities within and beyond the food chain, creating a setting for artistic collaboration. Our name is derived from Charles Darwin’s quote: “Every fertile grain of soil has passed at least once through the gut of an earthworm.” Fertile soil is also a metaphor for a hospitable environment for the creative expression of artists and writers. Wormfarm does include a farm that grows worms that do their part to make the literal fertile soil used to grow organic produce. Wormfarm expands the concept of CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), which helps reconnect consumers with the source of their food, by connecting urban and rural, people and land, culture and agriculture. Visit to learn more.

What else is there to do in the area?

Sauk County offers a wide range of attractions including beautiful, scenic parks, museums, wineries, theaters, and more! Explore the wealth of attractions within our Cultureshed from Devils Lake to Circus World Museum, Dr. Evermore’s Sculpture Park to Aldo Leopold’s Shack, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin to Wisconsin Dells and a whole lot more! For further details on where to eat, stay, learn, and play, check out our Visitors Guide.

Remember to take photos and share them with your friends! Tag us on Instagram @fermentationfest #FermFest.

If you still have questions, please feel free to send us a message.