Dance, Cow Calls, Talks

Sat, Sept 25

10:00-11:30 am

Cow-Calling Workshop & Pasture Walk


Get an early start to the day with Caitlin Vitale-Sullivan. Cait will lead a participatory Kulning class, a form of cow-calling used in Scandinavia to bring animals home from the forest, to warn fellow herders of dangers, to tell the time or merely to let your friend know you have found a good place to pick blueberries! It uses direct feedback from environmental and animal participants to create a unique form of communication. 


Many thanks to William & Alma Gasser who are hosting the workshop in a pasture grazed by their dairy cows. And thanks to Sauk County Land Resources & Environment, who will tag on a special “pasture walk” following the workshop. Come make music with your human and animal neighbors, learn about the transformative benefits of grazing, then stop by Tower Rock Farmstead Bakery before heading down the road to Witwen Park.

3:00-4:15 pm

Artisan Grain Collaborative

Artisan Grain Collaborative teams up with Grassland 2.0 for Graze & Grain panel discussion. David LeZaks (Croatan Institute) is joined by farmer John Wepking, agronomist Randy Jackson, and a mystery guest. Free in the Tabernacle.


Sun, Sept 26

2:15-3:00 pm

Book Talk by Eric Pallant

Eric Pallant is the author of Sourdough Culture: A History of Bread Making from Ancient to Modern Cultures (Agate Press). He is a serious amateur baker, a two-time Fulbright Scholar, double, award-winning professor, and the Christine Scott Nelson Endowed Professor of Environmental Science and Sustainability at Allegheny College. Be sure to buy a book for Eric to sign after the reading!

3:00-3:45 pm

Enchantment: The Magical Ferment of Love — a folk ballet 

A woman spurned ferments some magic to regain control of her romantic life. Mystic sprites arise (enchantment). Elm Duo sings (enchants). Kanopy Dance dances (enchantingly). Don’t miss this unique collaboration of sound, sight, and movement. The feature presentation starts at 3:00 pm, but stay aware in the hour before for pop-up “appearances” around Witwen Park. Free & open to the public.

Witwen Park & Campground 
Address: S9855 County Road E
12 miles west of  Sauk City, WI