Fermentation Fest is presented by Wormfarm Institute, a Wisconsin-based nonprofit organization integrating culture and agriculture. Founded in 2000 by Jay Salinas and Donna Neuwirth, Wormfarm explores the links between rural and urban communities within and beyond the food chain, creating opportunities for cross-sector collaboration through its residency program, events, and outreach.

Wormfarm’s work brings together farming, conservation, and the arts to  rekindle cultural connections, enhance the economic possibilities of our region, and celebrate our unique natural and human history. Wormfarm expands the idea of community supported agriculture—which reconnects consumers with the source of their food—by generating, supporting, and promoting links between our creative selves, our work, and our place on earth. 

For thousands of years, farmers in cultures around the world interwove dance, music, and art through rituals of planting and the harvest in celebration of the land, soil, and those who care for it. Through a contemporary approach and within this timeliness context, we continue that tradition. 

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